It's been about 20 years!  That's how long it's taken me to be obedient to the call of God. It's not that I've been disobedient in the mean-time, I just haven't fully walked in God's call and purpose for my life for all that time. 

I was in my early 20's when I clearly heard God tell me to write a book and He even gave me the title! I however never felt I was worthy or had enough wisdom; I definitely wasn't perfect and at about that time had fallen into sin which I thought was unforgivable. Who was going to want to hear what I had to say anyway! That's how I allowed satan to steal about 20 years worth of the word being shared to women all over the world. Imagine the impact the Word could've had in that time if I wasn't so self-centred and filled with fear! 

Well, I've finally decided that enough was enough of going around and around the same mountain and if I had learnt anything in this time was that I was not going to be telling the story anyway. The Holy Spirit has been ready and waiting (very patiently I might add) all along. 

So while this website is very much a work in progress - I hope to share the book with you all soon and pray that the Holy Spirit will touch your heart with an everlasting love so deep that you will experience His true forgiveness, tremendous favour everlasting grace and mercy that will change your life forever.


Here's to reaching out to impacting the world for Jesus, one soul at a time.


With love

Mighty Woman of Valour